Bapak Aris Abadi, S.Pd, M.Pd the Innovator of “SIKOMODO”

XSata (November 6, 2023). Congratulation to bapak Aris Abadi, S.Pd, M.Pd as the second best in Apresiasi Guru dan Tenaga Kependidikan Inovatif jenjang SMK Tahun 2023. It was all started that this semester, he taught his twelfth-grade students, in Kurikulum Merdeka, a new subject about immobilizer system. As a matter of fact, trainer was not available yet. Thus, he innovated his own trainer based Arduino which was relatively cheap and applicable for the students.

The journey to be the second best began when he thought that he made an innovation that would inspire others. He sent the video of best practice in applying for the media. It was notified by Balai Besar Guru Penggerak, and he could be the top 10. After that, on October 31 until November 2, 2023 at Hotel Syariah Solo, he was invited to do the interview and presentation. As a result, he won the second best.

His innovation called SIKOMODO, abbreviation of SIstem Keamanan mObil ImMObilizer berbasis ArDuino Nano. It took about a month to make SIKOMODO starting in August 2023, and in September he already applied it in the teaching learning process. The students were very enthusiastic, even one of the students asked for the wiring diagram and sketch program because he would like to apply the system for his own vehicle.

The plus points of SIKOMODO are that it is cheaper than the original immobilizer, the cost is less that IDR 150.000 and also can be applied whether for the motorcycle and the car. He also explained about things to be improved and since this is ArDuino (open source system control company), improvement is very possible. Once again, congratulations to bapak Aris Abadi, S.Pd, M.Pd.

Written by : Ninik Dwi Royani

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