The Struggle Continues …

The Struggle Continues

Xsata, November 28, 2023. After winning the first place in Skill Kontes Honda 2023, Muhammad Adiib’s journey continues to the regional selection. As stated in the previous article that Muhammad Adiib won the first place in Skill Kontes Honda 2023. The contest is one of the Honda’s commitment in supporting the teaching learning process and also an effort to collaborate with school to create a high-quality and ready to work human resources.

As the first-place winner, Muhammad Adiib represents sub regional winner in the regional selection. The selection namely Festival Vokasi Satu Hati, it was held in AMTC Semarang on November 15, 2023. Bapak Lutfi Zaeni Fuad, S.Pd and bapak Meila Ryan, S.Pd, guided Adiib during the preparation. It took more or less two months to prepare for the selection.

The material prepared consisted of EFI motor system, trouble shooting, parallel circuit, and measurement. During the preparation, Adiib trained himself so hard under the guidance of bapak Lutfi and bapak Ryan. A lot of transfer knowledge was delivered throughout the preparation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023. The selection began. Adiib said that he was feeling nervous as well as curious of what the challenge he would face. Time passed by and here came the result to be revealed. Prayer of his parents from home, and also the big family of Xsata accompanied by the hard work resulted Adiib won the third place and will continue the struggle of national skill contest. Well…congratulations to Adiib and TSM team. We wish for the best in the national contest.

Written by : Ninik Dwi Royani, S.Pd (Xsata’s English teacher)


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