Workshop on Supporting Infastructure of Teaching Factory

In order to increase the productive teachers’ understanding about teaching factory, for two days in a row, August 22 and 23, 2023, SMK N 1 Tengaran held a program entitled ‘Workshop on Supporting infastructure of Teaching Factory’. It was held in theory room of software engineering program.

The keynote speakers invited were bapak Andang Fitriyadi, S.E.,M.Si. and bapak drs. Luluk Wibowo S.T, M.T. The workshop was followed by 60 productive teachers and school branding team. The speakers delivered a very interesting and useful knowledge.

Bapak Luluk Wibowo S.T, M.T was accompanied by two students of SMK N 11 Semarang, Nafa and Salsabila. They were the real example of how teaching factory’s application. At the moment, they are handling two UMKMs in Semarang, kedai Aisyah and Niyura as the social media marketing. They handle the promotion from social media, make monthly report, filling funneling evaluation and engagement, and doing the follow up plan. The participants were enthusiastic during the workshop and also delivered some questions to the speakers and the two smart students. Ibu Farida Fahmalatif expressed a high appreciation to the speakers for giving their remarkable knowledge and hoped for SMK N 1 Tengaran teachers to be able to apply the knowledge.

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